What if… there were traveler super powers?!

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Yep, traveling super powers. It’s a slow news day, ok? Do you have some super powers that are key for traveling? Wish you had some? Or maybe just know someone who has some? It’s going too far if you know someone who wishes they had some. I mean seriously now, we can only stretch this junk so far.

Over the years, I’ve learned that I have some exceptional skills. Some may seem negative at first, but as countless legitimate comic books have shown us, even crappy powers have their useful situations. And yea, one would definitely think that some powers would cancel one another out. Go figure. That said, here are my traveling super powers. Plus a few I just wish I had. Do you have any of these?

My Travel Super Powers

1. Mojave Mouth: I never even realized this until years ago a friend mentioned that he was always thirsty. I then realized that I couldn’t recall ever not being thirsty.
2. Whale’s Bladder: Yea, I can sit on a 14 hour train/bus/plane ride and not have to pee once. I have also never gotten up during a movie. Okay, once maybe.
3. Time Bandit: I am a chronological simpleton. Tell me what time it is, and my body thinks it’s that time. I never have a problem with jet lag. Power #4 helps too.
4. Somnambulator: I can sleep at any time. I may have just slept for 14 hours, but if I need to sleep again right away, no problemo.
5. Amelia’s Ear & Heart: I do very well at not getting lost. Once in a while, if I’m not paying attention, I can get off track temporarily. In general though, I don’t get lost.
6. Day Dream Weaver: I can keep myself entertained in my own head for ages. Ideal for long lines or delayed flights. Perhaps it comes from being an only child, or from being a bit simple.

I think those are all I have. Six isn’t too shabby though, yea? Especially considering what an absurd topic this is. Here are a few I wish I had, but unfortunately do not.

My Super Powers Wish List

1. Martyr Sauce: The ability to tolerate tourists in any quantity. (I almost immediately lose all patience at the site of them.)
2. Cunning Linguist: The ability to pick up or understand seemingly any language. (I can’t even truly master my one language, English.)
3. Garborator: The stomach and versatility to eat anything and any amount at any time. (I’m bit of a picky eater, and too full at odd times and too hungry at others.)
4. Energizer: Run around all day long then still have limitless energy. (I’m a napper by nature.)

How about yourself? What traveling super powers do you possess? Or just wish you had?



6 Comments on “What if… there were traveler super powers?!”

  1. 1: Lemerou said at 04:45 on January 24th, 2011:

    I have a few of those but i would say the ones that i value the most are #2 et #6 :)


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